A day in the life of Encarna F.

Shooting Encarna was sweet and sad at the same time. This is the day-by-day of a 92-year-old woman who has no offprings and only has a 30% of vision. For sensible reasons, and also due to the need of respect and privacy, I decided not to add any caption to the pictures on the blog. Thus, I will let them speak.

Fotografiar a Encarna fue dulce y triste al mismo tiempo. Este es el día a día de una anciana de 92 años sin descendencia, que sólo conserva un 30% dela visión. Por razones sensatas, y también debido a la necesidad de respeto y privacidad, he decidido no añadir los pies de foto en el blog. Así, dejemos que las imágenes hablen por sí mismas.

Moments of Indonesia

Three years ago I did one of my best journeys. And I say 'journey' because it literally was, as I traveled by car, cycle, walk, tuk-tuk, plane and boat. I had no technical photography skills by that time but here are some pictures that might be worth keeping.

Borobudur temple.

Balinese dance in Ubud: an inspiration of fantasy become true.

Street food tastes better.

Traveling for ten days in Flores Island (Eastern Nusa Tengara).

People from Bajawa.

Three days journey on a boat from Flores to Lombok: getting supplies from another ship.


Komodo Island: you cannot skip the dragons.

Moments of Cambodia

In 2013 I traveled to Cambodia, as you have seen in the very first post of this blog. There you can find some information about the people I met there. It was a wonderful trip full of amazing experience and characters that made it unforgetable. I landed in Phnom Pehn to travel in Koh Kong (town) and there its own island, which was paradise and nothing related to what to thing when you first think of Cambodia: a virgin island. Then, up to the region of Battambang where jungle remains the main activity. After that, Siem Riep and its never-ending party and night pleassures (yes, I also went to the temples). Then had to come back to Phnom Pehn because of weather confitions to get to Kratie and up to Ban Lung and the down to Mondulkiri (Sen Moronom) and Kratie; these two where the top top places of the trip. So, if you grab a map of Cambodia, you will be able to see that I did a perfect circle around the country and only missed the north and very center of it. Everybody told me traveling in Cambodia for a month was way too much, but I wouldn't take out any single day, everything was surprisingly incredible. I had no photography knowledge then so there is not a lot of good stuff to show, but here are some images that captured some moments in Cambodia, and that I wanted to share. This is not a photography project, as there is no technique in what I did, just some random images.

Architecture in Koh Kong Town.

Koh Kong Island.

Mondulkiri. Being a guest in the houses of the countryside people while trekking for days.


Somewhere on the road to Kratie.